NYU SPS Professional Writing Masters Portfolio (01/2021-05/2022)

This is my portfolio of the work I’ve created throughout my Masters at NYU, and (as of right now) I will continue to add on more projects throughout my program.

For my Document and Design class (Spring 2021), we had to create an infographic on a subject we are passionate about, and I chose the topic of Book Banning.

The poster on the left was created for Style and Rhetoric (Spring 2021), where we were to use pathos as an emotional appeal to the audience. Due to social media’s impact on the discussion surrounding social issues, I thought it was important to create something that was lighthearted, and encouraged the audience to join a conversation, as opposed to being shamed for not being aware of specific statistics concerning the gender pay gap in 2021.

The infographic on the right is a more detailed visual on the same subject, which was created for my Document Design class (Spring 2021). This was for a data journalism topic, where we were to write a 750 word document, with at least two visuals supporting our arguments.

In my Principles of Professional Writing class (Summer 2021), I designed a newsletter discussing the relevance of the SAT/ACT after the University of California School system dropped these test score requirements from their admissions.

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