NYU SPS Professional Writing Masters Portfolio (01/2021-08/2022)

Content Creation

For my Document and Design class, I produced an infographic, using Canva, based on Book Banning.

In Media Production for Professional Writers, the final project was to create a piece of media based on any topic of our choosing. I edited and recorded a podcast (that had to be under 5 minutes) discussing the different options high schoolers had after graduation. The podcast series, titled “Education Information” is for the hypothetical client “Education Future”, a website meant to provide resources and support to high schoolers as they prepare for life after graduation.

I also created other mini podcasts, which you can check out here and here!

Content Writing

In my Principles of Professional Writing class, I designed a newsletter discussing the relevance of the SAT/ACT after the University of California School system dropped these test score requirements from their admissions. The newsletter further developed my document design skills, along with the ability to summarize complex topics for the reader.

Content Writing and Creation

In Writing for Digital Spaces, our final group project was creating a social media marketing campaign for a company, along with choosing Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to measure the success of the project. Our group chose Nestle.

We then completed individual assignments based off of this group project. We designed marketing materials, and updated what KPI’s to use in measuring the success of the campaign. My campaign was based on a partnership between Nestle and coffee review website Roasty.

Research Writing

In Writing for Social Science and Research, the final paper was a research proposal based on a topic of our choosing. My topic was how middle school students were impacted by online remote learning during the pandemic, and how parents, teachers, and school administration can help middle school students during this time. The project required that I take a large and complex topic to break down in a way to make it easier for the reader to understand. At the end of the course, I created a visual to summarize my research:

Website Design

For my Principles of Information Architecture class, I had to create a website proposal along with a working prototype, based on UX design concepts. The graphics for the website were designed using Canva, while the website prototype was developed through WordPress.Org.

Here is the final proposal for Career Choice:

As the site is no longer active, here are screenshots of the prototype:

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