Erin Nordhof is a freelance writer specializing in the creation of digital content, such as blogs and social media posts, along with other web content. She is interested in working with entrepreneurs and small businesses specifically in marketing and content management. Erin maintains a personal blog and has created blog content for various clients. Erin’s passion is in writing and researching about education, books, and writing. She is currently completing her MS in Professional Writing through New York University’s School of Professional Studies, with an anticipated graduation date of August 2022.

Erin’s interest in entrepreneurship and small businesses started when earning her Bachelors in Business Administration from the University of Colorado Boulder. Her degree had an emphasis in Marketing, along with a Certificate in Entrepreneurial Studies, which she completed in 2015. During her time at the University of Colorado, she participated in two international study abroad programs, which further developed her interest in entrepreneurship. The first was a three week program in Valencia, Spain where she and her classmates learned about the operations of various companies throughout the country. The second was a six week program in Cape Town, South Africa, where she and a group of her classmates consulted with businesses throughout the nearby townships.



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